Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRA) visit Lumundus

We present a prototyp for blind spot detection systems with OLED´s for mirrors.
The prototype use OLED´s from Kaneka Corporation from Japan.



Lumundus develop High-Intensity-LED-Lamps for industrial applications.

Lumundus develop High-Intensity-LED-Lamps for industrial applications


Infrared (NIR) LED modules for medical technology

Lumundus develops infrared (NIR) LED modules for use in medical technology. New, powerful NIR (near infrared) LEDs are used as the light source.
The LED modules are used in the development of medications and for photodynamic therapy. Contact us if you would like to use LED modules with specific wavelengths in the visible and NIR range.

Infrarot (NIR)-LED-Module

The work to develop lights in medical technology is financially supported by the European Union and the state of Thuringia.